Tuesday, 5 February 2013

the blues and the blue-greens


This year I've made boring books only. I mean, books that are as plain as books can get. Solid colours, nothing fancy. Sometimes I just need to make and not think - here's a small selection of the resulting books. I do have something new and exciting (at least to me) in the works but it'll have to wait until my right wrist gets better. I never seem to get very far from the beginning before tenosynovitis strikes again.

Having the blues about things changing, regardless of the fact that the changes have been nothing but for the better. I go to school now, making crafty things instead of academic things, and it's much better for me (better than moping at home, too). Still, it's hard work for me to get things done despite liking what I get to do, and obviously my wrist doesn't approve either. In the past month I've made more paper than ever before, and this wasn't my first time dealing with pulp. But it's the first time I sort of had a plan. Maybe this spring is all about sort of having a plan. I think it's maybe something I can live with.


  1. Very nice books, how big are they? I hope your wrist will get better soon.

  2. Thanks! The first two are on the smaller side (19x13,5cm/15,5x13cm) whereas the last one is pretty large at 18x20,5cm.

  3. They are simple and elegant!
    It is so nice to see you update the blog:)
    Having plans will make life more hopeful.


  4. I think the coptic sewing on this book is exceptionally interesting. I'm curious if you would be willing to share how it was done.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful work!

  5. Thanks so much for your kind words! Coptic binding often seems to be the binding with most tutorials online, so you'll probably find several by googling. If you're interested how exactly _I_ make my Coptics, I wrote a tutorial for Lark's Making Mini books http://www.larkcrafts.com/bookstore/?isbn=9781454702009 where you can also find a ton of other inspiring projects. I'd recommend the book even if I weren't featured in it :)


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