Friday, 8 February 2013

purples and reds

top & middle: 6.1"x 6"x0.9" / 15,5x15,3x2,3cm
bottom: 5.6"x8.1"x0.8" / 14,2x20,5x2,1cm

Still not going to write you much but I'm glad you're here.


The Idaho Beauty said...

And I'm glad you're showing us these "plain" books. Your work is so beautiful that even the simple ones are a delight to the eye.

huhu said...

I glad you are here too:D
Today is New Year Eve here,Happy New Year,K.


katiecrackernuts said...

Always beautiful. Always.

Laurence W said...

Your books are so beautiful and your match boxes are a wonder , full of treasures !! I love them all !

ibb said...

Love your colour words are need!
Don´t worry.

Ruth Claydon said...

Hiya-I stumbled across you on etsy, and its great to discover that you also have a blog. I'm obsessed with paper; I'm always blogging about it, and making little collages from antique books. You need to know that you are a huge inspiration. Please keep on creating, don't ever stop! Your work make me feel happy and peaceful, thank you!