Thursday, 30 August 2012


photo from Emil's album. The lady facing the camera is my great grandaunt Saima, and the man is her husband Emil, who was an amateur photographer in the early decades of last century.

I see more and more of Saima in me when I look into the mirror. Maybe it's because of my cheeks getting rounder, maybe it's because of my hair getting longer (still, you can just barely call it a bob now), maybe it's just me getting older, or more observant.

I like how removing colour from a scene makes it somehow slow down. Of course it's merely the eye getting a break from chaos.

Today I am tired. Also, wearing the brightest lipstick wishing it would make things better.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Non-linear notebook box tutorial

Here's my version of a non-linear notebook. I've covered the box with old dictionary pages and illustrations and used old scrap cardboard for the notecards. There are tabs for bookbinding, things to do, misc. crafts, jewellery, home, uni, poetry and this blog. For now the vast majority of the cards are blank but I can already see it in my mind's eye how this will look once I get things properly rolling.

I made V his own copy and took step by step photos to accompany a tutorial for you. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think!

glimpse, life

So, here is the first glimpse of what I've decided call my non-linear notebook. As you can see, it's actually a box (filled with notecards and tabs for things like bookbinding, poetry, to-do, home, blog), so it's not something I plan to carry with me as is. What I plan to do is use this like a hipster pda (ingenious idea I'd say!) and carry a stack of cards with me to make notes on the go, which I then file into the correct category in this box. I'm pretty much always home so this works for me since it is at home that I need the notes I've scribbled down. If I were working outside home, I'd probably have to figure out how to turn this into a more portable version. The box isn't too big, though, it's just a little over 4"x4"x2" but it is a bit heavy with 300+ cards inside it. I will be posting photos of the innards too, it's just that by the time I was taking my photos today I was losing daylight quicker than I could snap photos. The tutorial is also definitely coming together. I photographed the stages as I was making his box so there's a photo heavy tutorial post on its way to here. I'm doing my best to write the tutorial in a manner that allows you to really understand the basics of making a cloth hinged box and to use that knowledge in the making of a box made with your own measurements and materials. This is something I often wish tutorials focused on more; it is so precious to not only be able to make a copy but to be able to use the structure in something entirely new.

I've been putting off this blog post, or blogging altogether. I've felt the need to say something but haven't known how to talk about it. It's not like I can merely blurt out that my grandfather died and leave it at that. My living grandparents are now down to one fierce grandmother - that and the death of my Pappa triggered all sorts of thought processes. As a someone suffering from chronic depression, I realize it would be really weird if I shared how I've envisioned my own funeral, so I'll skip that part... Another thing I've been thinking a lot is how I find it very hard to be sad about Pappa's death; he didn't remember who I was for a decade or so, and slowly he forgot everyone else too. I was more sad about his dementia than I am now about his rather sudden death. I am glad I can now think of the times when he still remembered who he and everyone else was and not be frustrated by problematic nature of a person as a some sort sum of his memories. What are we if we lose our history, in chunks, big or small? I was never close with my Pappa despite the fact that he had lunch with my family every day for years and years after my Mummi died. Of the time I can remember the majority he couldn't remember much. I never learnt to not get upset about answering the same stupid questions over and over again. The more he forgot me, oddly, the easier it became for me. It was easier to be a stranger visiting his son's family for lunch than to be the granddaughter that was never ever planning to move back to the small town he had spent his entire life in. In general, I find it easier to be a stranger to people. I don't know if I even should try and change it. I feel like a shard of glass in the world of magnets.

Thursday, 2 August 2012


It had been a good while since I last made a batch of botanical jewellery. I'm glad I stopped procrastinating and took out the old botany book designated to art purposes and got on with this eternity project. This time I strung my pendants on antique bronze finished chains of varying lengths and I think they look rather nice even if I say so myself.

Thanks for your response to my last post. My non-linear notebook system is basically a tiny catalogue with index cards cut from scrap cardboard. This allows me to carry a small stack of cards with me and then sort the notes into genres like 'bookbinding', 'poetry' or 'to-do' so I can refer to a selection of notes relating to bookbinding when I'm designing new books and skip wading through all the randomness my normal notebooks would include. You don't really need a tutorial for this part, but I'm working on a tutorial for a fabric-hinged square box perfect for a small notebook catalogue - it's going to take at least a couple of days for me to finish since work is rather sporadic at the moment. I think there are as many ways to make a box as there are box makers, and I'll share my way with you so that you can figure out your way by building upon my basic instructions.

The Olympic Games is keeping me company while V is out of town and I'm alone folding stacks and stacks of paper for future books and fixing up the wardrobe->floordrobe problem (I never learn...) and dreaming of the perfect blush rose linen apparently impossible to find.

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