Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Thunderous dark blue with delicate vintage lace I scavenged on my latest trip to London. (on Etsy)

Two days in a row a hot day has been followed by a massive thunder at night. The first night the lightnings and rumblings were few but extremely loud. Last night was more gentle, if a thunder storm can be described gentle. At first it sounded like a kid shaking a big sheet of metal, then like a class room full of kids making thunder sounds, and in the end the teacher joined in with childlike joy. It is strange to view lightnings from the window as the sun is getting up and colouring the clouds with an eerie white.

I've been working on a non-linear notebook system for myself. I can't seem to figure out how to use notebooks effectively so I'm trying something new. If you're interested, I could put together a tutorial of some sort. Maybe I ought to finish my project first and show you some photos so you know what I'm actually talking about...

Thursday, 26 July 2012

ephemeral beauty (and some permanent)

Some nights ago I said something V said he was going to steal for some poem he's still to write. I love the colours of bruises, how they change with time, how they always match the tone of your skin in some eerie way. (I'm sure I wouldn't think so if the bruises I've had in my life had not been the result of either clumsiness or my own stupidity.) My knee went from black and blue to purple to yellow and green. Now it looks as if someone had placed a tiny lipstick kiss to the side of my knee cap. With weird mauve-ish lipstick.

4" higher on my thigh there's a birthmark in the same shade, half the size of my palm, split in half by a blue vein shining through. Oddly, despite all the issues I've had with my body image, the birthmark is something I've always liked. It's my map of unknown territory. One road, straggly coastline.

Saturday, 21 July 2012


I wish I had a good story to share.

So, I had a bad day and a bad night. And I feel like my legs are about to collapse under me when I hover from one room to another. It's the little things. Much like how a glass of clear water is spoiled by just one drop of ink. Except ink usually gives beautiful shades when diluted. My bad days are much more like a mix of too many water-colours, of a non-colour, of the consistency of foul milk.

the above book is sold. it was one of my favourites.

Friday, 20 July 2012

leather spines

the one with an hourglass, already on its way to China. I must admit being extra excited whenever I get to ship to exotic and faraway places.

I love brown tarred paper. It looks like distressed leather and is so much more durable than plain paper. Also, it matches the maroon of this reindeer skin I've used on the spines perfectly.

On the note of colours, I've been tempted to mix near neutrals despite the utterly musty and boring results. I have no idea why I feel like using tan with gray etc.; I generally think it's a bad idea so I haven't acted on my urges. Maybe there could be a situation where the colours would work together, but I'm just having a hard time tracking it down...

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

the prince of every thunder and other mixed media brooches

the prince of every thunder
smitten with you!
together you are in the air

into laughter into tears

What fun did I have making these! I purchased these pretty vintage brooch bases from Etsy a good while ago knowing they'd be perfect for tiny collages. These remind me of some sort of medals of honour, and I do think they're all like small celebrations of fragility and sensitivity. A little more softness to the rough world.

Follow the links below photos to find these in my Etsy shop. The brooches are 20€ each so they're very affordable. Go and grab your favourite before someone else does!

Monday, 16 July 2012

adrift in days to come and other stories to be written

Six new journals with vintage brass labels with collages sealed under mica. I will be listing these in my shop tomorrow, among many other new things. I have been so lucky to have several good days in a row; I made books and jewellery, took hundreds of photos and changed how the shop and this blog look. You like how things look now? I like. I actually got to say how it's nice to have dreams come true. The dreams just need to be small enough. I wonder if life would be something like this if I didn't have depression. This is the type of life I kind of wish I had.

Saturday, 14 July 2012


My favourite things to see in the National History Museum were the minerals. V kindly browsed through the first quarter of the vast collection with me, and then just as kindly and patiently sat on a bench reading while I went through the rest. I took numerous photos of textures and colours that especially caught my eye; a task rather silly due to the shiny glass cases the collection was displayed in. I have yet to figure out how exactly I'm going to turn the inspiration these beautiful things gave me into something tangible. Maybe you have a suggestion on two?

Friday, 13 July 2012

still (life)

Oh. Your comments made me feel so much better. I wasn't feeling too great the last time I wrote, but maybe it was because of the summer cold that caught me by surprise and not just my general moodiness. I'm not planning to abandon my blog, actually I'm hoping to get back to my regular blogging routine as I really miss writing and making and communicating.

The cold has kept me home and a bit slow. Different type of slow. Time to think without my brain working too fast and jumping ahead of things. I stay put and focused. I've made so many new things: books, brooches and necklaces to begin with. I can't wait to finish the books in progress and dedicate some bright day to taking photos and updating the shop. I know, I still have the last batch of books I showed you to list, but they'll have to wait a moment, too.

The above photos are from the Natural History Museum in London. I seemed to avoid most things once alive.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

less and less

My breaks from blogging seem to get longer and longer. It's not you, it's me. And all that. I've tried to make this blog a place of peace and beauty. The fact is that life is not that peaceful nor beautiful. Oh well, it's been peaceful as in boring, but inner peace has been harder and harder to reach and reality somewhere out of my reach. I feel I ought not to write here when I'm all grumpy or depressed, as I think the majority of my readers come here to see my new books and read about bookbinding. It somehow feels unfair to be all sad when life is actually well. So, I write less and less. I lose touch with my dear online friends as e-mails are left unanswered and blog comments unwritten. I fear I'll let people down, so I sabotage these few human contacts I have online. I wish I could be the girl who wrote long letters to far away friends during classes. I have nothing but time, but I'm afraid to do anything with it. Perfectionism, I truly abhor it.

Maybe this is an explanation to you. Maybe you didn't need an explanation. Maybe I'm just trying to say I'm sorry I'm not here for you the way I hope I could be.

photo from a churchyard in Hampstead, London. it was magical there.