Sunday, 20 March 2011

Project no: 758?

Just when I thought I had too many things in the making at once I got some great news and now I have some more. Can I please have more hours in my days? I'll pay back as soon as summer's here.

Thursday, 17 March 2011


packed thong binding 
handmade paper, reindeer vellum, paper, board, two shades of linen thread
20,7x15,2x3,4cm (8.1"x6"x1.3"), 112 heavy white pages

It's been ages since I've last made books that weren't coptic bindings. Last autumn I made the gocco printed notebooks and this winter it was time to make something entirely different for a change and so his other lover was born. Both were projects I truly enjoyed and they were a breath of fresh air on a time that really hasn't been all that creative. Now I've decided to mix things up a bit a bring more variety to my craft projects. It's definitely beginning to be the season for wedding guestbooks etc., so I'm making a stack of books in light but natural shades with a bit more romance* than my usual work. There will be coptic bound books as well, I doubt I'll ever give up my favourite style, don't you worry.

The feeling of having spring just around the corner (hey, we still have plenty of snow up here!!) has definitely cheered up my spirits and inspired me to make art happen. Bit by bit. I wish I had fresh flowers in my home.

*Please remind me to tell you a story about a very special ring some day soon! It's not what you think, but it has made me overly emotional today nonetheless.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Something I started when I was visiting V and my hands could no longer stay idle. I hardly ever do embroidery, but I guess that's just the reason why I enjoyed doing this so much. Change is good. I finished the necklace last night. 

I don't really like posting photos of myself, but you did want to see the glasses, so I made an exception. The wrinkles around my eyes are not a sign of me getting old, I hope, I just smile too much. Even when it hurts. I just spent the weekend puking my guts out thanks to a stomach flu, but still I feel like life is good for a change.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Logbook

The Logbook, a custom order
linen, paper, board, waxed linen thread
21,3x21,3x3cm (8.4"x8.4"x1.2"), 120 bright white pages

There's a lot of nothingness going on in here. The calendar on my wall is living November and I usually have no idea what day it is. I've had my fair share of bad news, but luckily there's also been enough good news to cheer me up in the past couple of days. I'm slowly preparing for a move and planning our little spring getaway with V as well as some new books that will hopefully earn me some cash to spend on ice cream and sandwhiches and pretty frilly dresses. I've also come to finally accept the fact that I'm the worst people person on earth, but I can still create art others enjoy. I just need to shut up and focus on the magic I know. It's all fairly random, but I guess I'll need to live with it for now.

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