Monday, 30 August 2010

Matchbox Monday 6

(paper, vintage book text)

had once been.

One of my all time favourites, hence the numerous photos.

on Etsy, after school.

Saturday, 28 August 2010


 If this isn't a fine stack of books, I don't know what is! I'm so happy with the way these turned out. Inspired by V's book, I made some more books with reindeer spines and tarred paper covers. Vintage encyclopaedia illustrations never cease to thrill me. I never use the same illustration twice = these are the actual illustrations from the books = yes, I really chop up books = there will never be two books or brooches alike. I especially like the masculine and classic feel these books have because of the materials chosen. The leather on the spine (Finnish reindeer!) is sooo soft and hence the books open beautifully.The tarred paper on the covers is a much more durable covering material than most papers. I wrinkled and crinkled and rubbed and abraded the paper so much that my hands hurt days afterwards and the paper is still strong and gorgeous with a leather-like appearance. The more you use the book, the better it will look.




 and finally the sperm whale book I made using my favourite paper, 100% recycled AND still acid free

You can find more details about each book by clicking the links and visiting my Etsy shop. The mysterious longstitch books mentioned in an earlier post will join these five some time next week, along with some beautiful cards. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far! I know I am - apparently you need time away from home during the week to learn how to appreciate weekends again.

Friday, 27 August 2010

UK mail

Just before I left to Jyväskylä, all this loveliness arrived in the mail. Karen, my super talented embroiderer friend, sent me a piece of her embroidery/patchwork art and some postcards and things she had grabbed me from the New Designers 2010 show. I wish I could visit the show myself some day, it seems like such an amazing event. The stuff we have here isn't quite the same. Karen used to make mainly white pieces, lots of white on white (always stunning!), but now she's working with loads of colours too! A whole new style working beautifully together with the old. I especially love the bit in the detail photo, the combination of stripes and gingham and the french knots and blanket stitches and all that. Please visit Karen's blog Contemporary Embroidery to see more of her work, she really is a great artist and she blogs a lot more often than I do, too. 

And I know, I know, I should find the time to write here more often, but especially now that I've begun my university studies, it's hard to find the balance between work and sleep. Matchbox Mondays aren't going anywhere, but at other times my blogging may become even more irregular, sometimes many posts a week, sometimes only on Mondays. Tomorrow there will definitely be a new post AND a shop update (yay! full of awesomeness!).

One more thing: I finally caved in and ordered some Moo MiniCards. Love at first sight when they arrived. Truly. (V. is probably happy to testify I went completely bonkers and arranged the cards on the floor so that I could see them all at once and sat there mesmerized for a good while.) The original idea came from the need to document my matchbox projects in some way since I've sold or given away a majority of the boxes I've made. The MiniCards seemed like an interesting option. I thought about using them as business cards, but I don't know if I have the heart to give away any of these. I think I need to order another batch...

If my math isn't completely off, I'm probably quite close to having made a hundred art matchboxes, if not more. That, my friends, is really strange. I never planned this to grow into such a large scale project, but I've enjoyed creating these little things so much it's impossible to quit.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Matchbox Monday 5

 (vintage book page, vintage encyclopaedia illustration, tissue paper, leather, copper wire)

Home again. Tired and happy. Somehow the journey back home always seems much longer. I do like trains and traveling, but today it was hard to come back to an empty home, knowing I only have one day left of summer. The weather turned autumnal while I was in Jyväskylä. I kind of liked how it felt, but a part of me still wants to hang on to the summer and freedom and boredom and everything. I still think summer is officially over when school begins. And it's been years since I last went to school after a summer vacation. My courses won't start until in September, but there's going to be a lot happening in the coming weeks anyway. Everything changes, and to be honest, it really scares me. I'm tired of everything changing. I want things to stay the way they are, the way they're supposed to be. Maybe with the exception of me doing something worthwhile with my time.

(todays matchbox on Etsy, soon.)

Monday, 16 August 2010

Matchbox Monday 4

(paper, japanese paper, tissue paper, vintage book text)

Almost every day Anna walked on the pier.

There were spesifically two people on the beach. 

Both fell silent.

A little late today. Out of town, visiting V, enjoying my last week of complete freedom and the lovely comments you people have left on my previous post (keep them coming, please, I love hearing from you). This box I made for a friend, so I won't be listing it on Etsy. Next week I will be listing many new things there in addition to the monday matchbox, so keep checking back.

Friday, 13 August 2010

kerro jotain

Whenever V is here and I can't (or don't want to) fall asleep, I say: kerro jotain, tell me something. anything. Often I'm more of a listener than a storyteller. My head is still a bit soft from the fever and the cold. I don't feel like thinking at all. 

So, maybe, if you have a minute, you could tell me something? anything you want. random things. important things. the most unimportant things you can imagine. anything. I'd like to just listen for a while.

(I will tell, and show, more of the books above later. Now I'm just going to say, that I love them, they're awesome.)

Monday, 9 August 2010

Matchbox Monday 3

(paper, vellum paper, wax paper, book illustration, pebbles, linen thread, pencil)

A letter in Finnish, wrapped up with some treasures. For sale on Etsy.

There's nothing quite like catching a cold in the summertime. Sorry I haven't got much to say today.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

All new

Six new coptic journals with covered spines now on Etsy. The coptic binding is nowadays mostly known as an exposed spine binding, with the chains of stitches visible on the spine. Originally the coptic bindings often had a leather covering, also on the spine, and the modern non-adhesive bindings tend to use only the binding structure the originals had. The coptic binding is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to bookbinding techniques, both with and without a covered spine as it opens perfectly (if the covers are attached properly, oh the disasters I've seen online...) and is such great fund to sew. I've made coptic bindings with covered spines before (the one I made for V is the latest), either with pasted down leather spines or spines with a loose leather covering. Some time last spring it occurred to me it might be possible to use linen in the same manner I've used leather in the loose spine coverings, but at first I thought it probably wouldn't work. I don't know why I thought so, since no trial and error was necessary when I made my first book, just trial. It worked out perfectly. I like this version quite a lot, since it's sturdier and more durable than the basic coptic binding. I've added glued down endpapers to these books, so they add some rigidity (the desirable kind!) too. The spine protects the binding from abrasion and adds a little variety to the basic structure. I love the simplicity of these books, just two colours and the perfect materials! What more do you need, really?

Finally cooling down here. Windy and cloudy. I finished my poetry manuscript. Breathing is easier.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Matchbox Monday 2

(book page, paper, tissue paper, vellum paper, piece of duck mussel shell, linen thread, acrylic paint, permanent marker)

A poetry matchbox this time. Today I'm going to break my rules and share something I normally wouldn't, (thanks to the encouragement and inspiration I got from Kirsten). Some of you already know I write poetry, but I've never shown any of my real writings here, just some silly cut-up poetry I've made for the matchbox project. Well, this one is actually cut-up too, but not in the same sense. I've included a quick, almost word for word translation here too. I'm sure Google would've done almost as good a job as I did translating this one, but if it's any consolation, I guess doesn't make much sense in Finnish either. (And this matchbox can be found here in a minute or two.)


ekshibitionistien sukuhaara
jalat enemmän tai vähemmän tarkasti tuolin alle aseteltuina
ihmiset korostavat epäinhimillisiä piirteitään eniten
ihmiset korostavat piirteitään

levitän sääriä ja kieli naksahtaa kellona

just in case we'll never meet again

katsot linssin läpi väärin


(unikot poikkeavat suunnitelmasta) puisto on puutarha
on hameenhelmasi täynnä silmiä on sumunkostea tukka naamalla
suut takertuvat, perintötekijöiden merikäärmeet
kun sokeriin esteröityy fosforihappo


en pääse yli ajatuksesta, että asennot ylhäältä käsin määrätään

kasvoillanne on liian monta kerrosta

katsot väärän linssin läpi, epätarkka suunpunainen liikkuu ääneti

juomalasit särkyvät ikkunalaseja useammin
hajotan puolivahingossa
ajattelematta irrotan otteen ja annan pudota
keittiön kaapissa laastareiden liima vanhenee
en voi astua tarpeeksi kauas


riisuttaessa hame leviää lattialle kraaterina

puistosta kuuluu hiekan rahina läpi ikkunoiden
jalanjäljissä huoneesta toiseen laavaa, eksoneja, introneja
sekundaarirakenteena kaksoiskierre
pidän sinua pitelemässä minua


a bloodline of exhibitionists

legs arranged more or less precisely under the chair
people emphasize their inhumane features the most
people emphasize their features

I spread my legs and a tongue clicks as if it were a clock

just in case we'll never meet again

you look through the lens wrong

(poppies differ from the plan), a park is a garden
is the hem of your skirt full of eyes is your face covered in fog-wet hair
mouths cling, sea serpents of genetic factors
as phosphoric acid esterifies to sugar

I cannot get over the idea that positions are from above determined
there are too many layers on your faces


you look through the wrong lens, a blurry mouth-red moves silently
drinking glasses shatter more often than windows
half accidentally I break
carelessly I let go and I let slip
in the kitchen cabinet band-aids lose their grip
I cannot step far enough


when taken off a skirt spreads a crater on the floor
through the windows a scratching sound of sand from the park
in the footsteps, from one room to another, lava, exons, introns
helix as a secondary structure
I hold you holding me