Thursday, 26 February 2009

Still here

...barely. I have a very, very sore throat and a runny nose that's driving me mad. No work this week then. The library has been its usual self, full of friendly and weird people, missing books and sometimes found books too.

Really, wow is it possible that at the age of 24 I feel too old for homework? Being an apprentice is all good except for the homework. I still have one year and eleven months to go, I'm writing my third assignment and I feel like running away screaming and pulling my hair. I love the library, still.

I haven't been all lazy with bookbinding, but definitely lazy with taking photos. There's still the leather bound little book gathering dust on my desk. One day I will do some archaeological digging around and clear some workspace for myself along the way. One day, when my throat is all better.

Over a month ago I showed you a glimpse of something blue. It was a late surprise Christmas present for my friend Karen. Well, she received it in the mail, blogged about it, she's even probably already filled it already too, but only now I'm posting my photos.

This is a tiny book, just about palm-sized, maybe only a little over 4" wide.

When I wasn't a real bookbinder yet, just binding random books using various methods, I used to use lots of things attached to book covers. Buttons, rusty nails, feathers, pebbles, glass. All sorts of things. I don't know what happened to that girl. I hope she didn't grow up. I know she would be much better with the homework than I am.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Temporally challenged

brilliant things made by Jesse and Mrs. Eliot Books

At moments I feel like I'm too old for homework, but it still needs to be done, and there's never enough time or inspiration. Work and school are both better than I expected. Last spring when I started at the library I was so scared, now it's not even a problem when a customer yells at my face over something ridiculously stupid. Library customers, you've got to love them. The sweet ones are too good to be true, and the crazy ones so crazy you almost die laughing after you finally get home.

read more here & buy from here (<3)

I've been on the morning shift on most days. And every morning when I walk to the library, it's like a delightfully weird clockwork. Things that happen every morning:

- a woman pushing a baby and a little boy in a double stroller passes me behind the stadium
- as I walk down the steps from the park a woman in a red coat walking a poodle makes her way down the steps from the other gate

- a middle-aged man drops her wife off to work with his beige Ford
- another middle-aged man parks his straw colored Volvo and steps out with a pair of black shoes in his hand
- two middle-aged women park their car (colored something inbetween beige and straw) next to the previous man's car, they always talk a lot and I don't know if the same woman always drives or not
- a boy with a saggy face looks at me like he knows me, I don't know him

- as I cross the bridge a young woman wearing at least five yellow reflectors on her coat cycles past me
- a car drives on the pedestrian area
- a young-looking old man carrying a briefcase walks past me on a narrow sidewalk, I usually step on the driveway to give him way

Jesse tagged me: "Open the 6th picture folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it. Write something about it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same."

Okay, I had to cheat a bit. This is the 7th photo in the 6th folder since I didn't feel like blogging the 6th photo without asking for a permission from the people in it. This photo was taken on 26th of August (2006), maybe early afternoon. The building is the community hall where our wedding celebrations took place some hours later. We got married the previous day though. Here the bestman and our great musicians are taking a break from the preparation stuff. (I'll tell you a secret: I had to look up the date. How terrible is that? I guess I just couldn't do the math 25th+1. What's worse? I looked up the wrong year in the calendar first... well, I take it as it still feeling like we just got married...)

edit: yeah, I know, I didn't tag anyone. Sorry. If you feel like playing along, go ahead and consider yourself tagged.