Saturday, 30 August 2008

WIP: part IV

First of all, Thank you all for your lovely comments, emails, Etsy convos and orders! What an amazing response! (I should get featured more often :D)

After last weekend I've packaged and shipped numerous orders, celebrated my second wedding anniversary, had a terrible migraine, realized that I'm leaving for the honeymoon trip in no time and worked hard on my WIP book (+a custom order).

I'm decorating the book with back-pared leather on-lays. Here I'm cutting pebbles from the number three colored leather (that would be dark gray).

And here's a part of the title. Feel free to think I'm crazy, but that doesn't change the fact that these letters are 6mm (0.2") tall.

All pebbles cut. I like puzzles too.

All pieces glued to the cover leather. I've already pared the edges and hinge area, but apparently didn't take photos.

I've finished the back-paring and removed the papers from the on-lays.

Here's the almost finished cover leather. Like some of you may remember the book is called "Musta kivi valkoisen päällä" which roughly translated means "a black rock on top of the white one". That's why there's one pebble made of vellum and one made from black leather. I'll be blind tooling "César Vallejo" in between them at a later stage.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Playing Amélie with buttons

I'm feeling very content.
You too can immerse your hand in a bowl of beautiful buttons if you want.

You can read more here.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

WIP: part III

Here, on my messy work desk, is my Vallejo with the covers laced, pasted and glued in place. The pencil lines are marking the areas that I should sand later (which is actually now, but it's too dusty to sand the covers while working on other projects at the same time).

An accidentally rotated photo of my thumb and the endbands that are nothing less than asymmetrical beadless multi colored freeform double endbands (à la Lester Capon). I decided to let the edges stay as they are. I'm usually against adding any edge decoration to books that originally didn't have one, so this one got to stay as plain and worn as it wanted. I used Gütermann buttonhole silk in four different colors ranging from silvery gray to dark blue.

The leather paring has also started, but since my knife was apparently too shiny to be photographed, you only get to see the by-product.

Oh, the book already has a hollow back too, so I'm not too far behind from my schedule. More leather paring, cutting the leather on-lays and a little blind stamping are waiting to be done as soon as I've made myself to finally sand the cover boards to a nice bevel. I don't feel at my best when wearing a dust mask and goggles, but I prefer them to having gray dust inside my nose and eyelids. Meh. I'm a good sander (?) but it's still the least enjoyable part of bookmaking.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The ghost horse & lost and found

I'm terrible at keeping secrets so I'll keep my post short :) My work in progress is on a short break, but I've still got some catching up to do with posting my photos. Maybe we'll meet again tomorrow?

I think everyone has a strange friend or acquaintance to whom you never seem to find an appropriate gift. Maybe these would work?

This is part of all the weirdness that's been going on. A scary horse combined with black linen. 128 pages of thick peachy yellow paper with watermarks. 4.3"x6.1"x0.9" (11x15,6x2,4cm)

"Lost and Found" is a mini notebook with a vintage illustration of a compass (and also a gay bar in Helsinki, but that's a whole another story). Paperiaarre has always been about little paper treasures, and this is about as small as my books get! I'm not usually into cute things, but this is cute, irresistible and unisex. 96 pages of off-white paper. 2.8"x3.3"x0.8" (7x8,4x2cm)

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Triplets x2

I'm sure you weren't expecting another shop update so soon, but it's happening as I write (kind of)! You will find both of these beautiful triplets here as well as some other books, of which I will blog about later!

"Huurre" books in three different bindings: Carolingian, Coptic (with headbands) and Byzantine. Covered with white linen. Pieces of delicate watercolor paintings are mounted on cushioned boards, lacquered and embedded to the covers. All have 128 pages of smooth white paper.

4.3"x5.9"0.9" (11x15x2,4cm)

"Tervas" trio from left: Carolingian, Byzantine and Coptic (with headbands). These books are larger than most my books, and therefore very suitable to be used as guest books too. Covered with crumpled brown tarred paper which creates a leather like finish for the book. Decoration as in "Huurre". 128 pages of gray, 100% recycled, acid free paper.

6.1"x 8.3"x0.8" (15,4x21,2x2cm).

More books are on their way! I've felt inspired for many reasons, one of the reasons being this.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

I was neglecting my weird side until today.

Six pieces of more or less geeky jewelry are in the shop right now, as well as the book you saw yesterday. Some photos Blogger kept rotating against my will, so not all brooches are featured in this blog post. If anyone has a solution to this rotation problem, please let me know, it's driving me crazy.

The 50's schoolbooks I chopped up earlier have been turned into lightweight jewelry. I especially love the compass necklace. Maybe I should make something nice for myself too. I keep forgetting that even I would love to wear the jewelry I make. Does it ever happen to you?

While listing these on Etsy I got stuck with listening to My Brightest Diamond. Oh the voice, the voice. And this is a video so strange that it matches today's theme perfectly.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

If you're feeling nerdy, etsy tomorrow.

I didn't fall of from the face of the earth, although I've been stumbling quite a lot. I haven't had my regular days off from work and it seems that my creep magnet is getting more and more powerful every day. On the same day I've had the most infuriating customer yet and a customer who was so moved by my kindness that she was literally in tears and brought me a thankyou card later. The latter was almost as creepy experience as the the first one. Anyway, I'm desperately in need of rest and creative moments. I don't have work tomorrow, which means that there'll finally be a little shop update! This pretty notebook will be there as well as some nerdy brooches and necklaces.

Coptic bound notebook with fine khaki linen covers where an anatomical illustration of a heart is embedded. 128 pages of beautiful gray paper with torn edges.
4.1"x6.3"0.8" (10,3x16,1x2,1cm)

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

WIP: part II

It may be that the summer is gone now. It's windy and dark. I wore my wellingtons on my way to and from work today. Maybe bad weather means that more work is getting done. At least my official WIP looks like a book already.

After this I've made my fancy end papers...

sewn the book block (the end papers are sewn all along with button silk)...

done some rounding and backing (and lined the spine, forgot to take photos)...

laminated my cover boards, done some chiseling and cutting, and laced in the covers.

The book is still in the press, so I'll take photos of the whole thing once I take it out. I bought some new silks today so I can get just the colors I want in the head bands.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

This week...

...I've put some Ikea furniture together (oh my poor hands, they're still aching!) and reorganized my whole work space. Doesn't it look pretty? (Not anymore, I've already started working.) I'm so happy to have enough space for a change. And when I get my saddle chair I'll be even happier!

...I've eaten the first (and second and third and fourth) tomato grown on our balcony. I've split all but one with DH. They're really small, but I didn't know tomatoes could taste so good!

...I've bound some books that will be photographed once the storm is over.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Cheer up!

Since flu isn't the most cheerful state of mind it is time to give some awards that have been waiting for the right moment! (I'll confess: I'm terrible at giving awards, it's too hard to decide and there's always too little time to wander in the wonderful land of blogs. So that's why it has taken this long. I'm only human!)

This first award I got from my mother. No rules were given, so I'll just pass this award to some of my readers who always make me smile when I read their comments and blogs.

Cooking My Life - artists need to eat too, and Maureen's blog will make you hungry for sure!

katiecrackernuts - well, I can only say that I'm in need of a good op shop tour after reading this blog

painted fish studio
- oh I love her photos and Etsy finds

My blog got this award a long time ago, but I haven't forgotten it! Bev, who's a very talented bookbinder just so you know, gave me the premio arte y pico. This premio was initiated by Eseya from Uruguay with the aim of honouring arts and creativity in the internet world. As always, these awards come with certain criteria:

1. Pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award through creativity, design, interesting material, and also contribute to the blogger community, no matter what language.
2. Each award should have the name of the author with a link to their blog.
3. Award winners should post the award with the name and link to the blog of the person who gave them the award.
4. Please include a link to the “Arte Y Pico” blog so that everyone will know where the award came from.

Of course it would be much more fun if I played by the rules even if for just this one time, but I'll pass the award on to these three talented women, five would be too difficult!:

Esti - Píntame el día

Nightjar Books

Sarah - little paper bird (I knew she was good, but after I got a notebook I won from her giveaway, I must say she's GOOD!)

And just because I feel like playing a little more, I let Karen tag me - and if you want, you're tagged too!

Six random facts more:

1. I've never been to the castle of Turku, and it was just earlier this week that I first saw it up close. Call me lazy if you want. I've been meaning to go there ever since moving to Turku in 2004, but I didn't feel like going there alone and my DH isn't too interested.

2. I like secrets. Not big huge dark secrets, but the ones that aren't too serious. Secrets that are secrets just because it's much more fun that way.

3. I've read the majority of the Nancy Drew books translated into Finnish. That was a long time ago though.

4. I was too good at school.

5. I've got a big head. It doesn't look big, I know. But finding a hat or a pair of sunglasses isn't fun. (I found both despite my huge head!)

6. The only tan lines I have are from my shoes. That doesn't mean I lie naked in the sun with my shoes on.

Tomorrow, if the flu is better, I'll climb the mountain called Unansweredemails.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Electric art

I've got the summer flu. Maybe because of my very tiring walk to the customs on Tuesday morning. The heat was too much for me. And working in an environment where thousands of people walk past me every day means that there are always bugs around me, no matter how well I wash my hands. Anyway, I took some photos on my way back, in order to get some rest too as my package was much heavier than I expected. Now I've got the most beautiful gray goat hide waiting for me to cut it up. My wip is making some progress like it's supposed to, but I'll post the photos when I have a couple more of them.

Only after coming back home I remembered that isoinpapu blogged about these too back in June.